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York Revolution Staff Directory

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Eric Menzer, President    717-801-4481

John Gibson, General Manager / Vice President of Operations    717-801-4491

Nate Tile, Vice President  of Business Development    717-801-4482

Lori Brunson, Vice President of Finance     717-801-4483

Cindy Brown, Director of Ticketing    717-801-4493

Bob Gibson, Box Office Manager    717-801-4478

Paul Braverman, Promotions & Communications Manager    717-801-4490

Darrell Henry, WOYK 1350 General Manager / Play-by-Play    717-801-4487

Corey Shaud, Creative Director    717-801-4487

Scott Parker, Multi-Media Coordinator    717-801-4487 x271

Reed Gunderson, Client Services Coordinator    717-801-4492

Kaylee Swanson, Director of Sales    717-801-4498

Mike Coleman, Senior Account Executive   717-801-4485  

Deidre Geroni, Account Executive   717-801-4477

Brandon Rexin, Account Executive    717-801-4495

Brandon Tesluk, Account Executive    717-801-4494

Brittany Percich, Account Executive    717-801-4475

Sarah Campbell, Account Executive   

Toby Crites, Baseball Operations Manager    717-801-4476

Adam Nugent, Director of Special Events   717-801-4489

Lewis LaBar, Stadium Operations Manager    717-801-4471

Rob Wilson, Legends Hospitality Regional Manager:  Concessions, Catering, Merchandise    717-801-4486

Brett Herman, Legends Hospitality General Manager, Santander Stadium    717-801-4465

Adam Baumbach, Legends Hospitality Catering Manager    717-801-4469

Tiffany Eger, Legends Hospitality Chef    717-801-4472

Amanda Shusko, Legends Hospitality Office Manager    717-801-4466

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