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DowntownGetting to know DownTown, Mascot for the York Revolution
DownTown was born and raised in York, Pennsylvania. He has always been into sports, but his favorite sport of all time is baseball. He used to play, but his skills left a lot to be desired. He still wished he could be part of a team though, especially one here in York. DownTown’s dreams came true in 2007 when then Revolution General Manager Matt O’Brien asked him to be the official mascot for the York Revolution. Today, you can spot DownTown hanging around York getting people Revvved Up for the season! DT is very outgoing and loves being the life of the party.

Nicknames: DT, D-Town

Birthday: March 1, 1781

Birthplace: Downtown York

Favorite MTV Host of All-Time: Downtown Julie Brown (1990s)

Favorite Hang Out: The DownTown Playground

Favorite Videogame: Pong

Favorite Sports Team: The York Revolution, of course

Traits looking for in a Girlfriend:
Great personality, whispers sweet nothings into ear, likes minor league baseball, lives in Downtown York area

Favorite female singer that sang a song about being downtown: Petula Clark

Favorite potato chips manufacture: Martin's

Favorite Appearance destination: ANYWHERE PEOPLE ARE HAVING A GOOD TIME!!!!

Favorite document written in 1781: The Articles of Confederation

Favorite mode of transportation: Train, but uses ATV to get around the ballpark

Request an Appearance by DownTown!
DownTown would love to attend your next birthday party, corporate function, fundraiser or any other event.

A minimum purchase of 25 group tickets to a York Revolution game may be required for a DownTown appearance.  Priority will be given to events that are open to the public. Due to the nature of DownTown’s schedule, not all requests can be accommodated.

To book DownTown, please call 717-801-4487 or click here to fill out the appearance request form.

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