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Six-Packs & The Grand Slam Card

Ticket Six Pack (Field Box) - $60

Ticket Six Pack (Dugout Box) - $72

The 2015 Ticket Six-Pack includes six (6) undated ticket vouchers and two (2) parking passes for Small Athletic Field.  The ticket vouchers may be redeemed for any game, based on availability, for the 2015 season once individual tickets have gone on sale.  You may use all six vouchers for one game, or use one voucher at a time to attend six different games.  The vouchers may be redeemed the day of the game at the Apple Chevrolet Ticket Office when you arrive (upon availability), or in advance online, over the phone or in person.  It's completely flexible and up to you!

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The Grand Slam Card is back again for the 2014.  When you purchase a Ticket Six-Pack you'll receive a Grand Slam Card with a punch in it.  Each time you purchase a Six-Pack, we'll punch your card again.  Purchase four Six-Packs and "hit a grand slam" and we'll give you a FREE Six-Pack and a new Grand Slam Card!

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