COVID and Revs Time - The FAQs

COVID and Revs Time – The FAQs

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers. As the light at the end of the tunnel grows brighter, here are some frequently asked questions and their answers to shed more light on what’s happening this year at PeoplesBank Park:


Q. Are the Revs playing this year?

A. Heck yeah! Our season opens on May 28 – click HERE for the schedule.


Q. Will fans be allowed in?

A.  Yes. Pennsylvania has announced outdoor venues like ours may welcome 50% of our capacity.


Q. Where can I get tickets?

A. Because of our limited capacity and the evolving situation, the best way to guarantee yourself tickets is to buy one of our season member plans – you can find out more about those options HERE.


Q. I don’t want to buy a plan – can I just buy individual tickets?

A. We are constantly monitoring the evolving capacity issues and promise to keep you informed of their effect on individual ticket sales. We are currently focusing on seating holders of season memberships and will reevaluate individual ticket sales by May 1. When we do announce the sale of individual tickets, we STRONGLY RECOMMEND you buy them directly from our website or the Shipley Energy Ticket Office and not third-party sites who will try to take advantage of occupancy restraints to engage in price gouging.


Q. What happens if I buy a plan and then something goes wrong and I can’t use it?

A. We’ve got you covered – we are guaranteeing you will get the value of what you spend with us one way, or another. We call it “Revsurance.” Click HERE for all the details.


Q. I have a season plan, a 6-pack, or some other kind of ticket from 2020 that I didn’t get to use. What do I do?

A. You will get to use it in 2021. You should have heard from us by email already, but if not or if you are unsure of your options, please call the Shipley Energy Ticket Office at 717-801-HITS (4487).


Q. What will the rules be for attending?

A. We are following all state regulations in place for a facility such as ours. Right now that means primarily wearing masks and practicing social distancing.


Q. Will I have to wear a mask the whole time I am at the game?

A. We will follow all Commonwealth of Pennsylvania guidelines in place as the season goes along. Right now, the rules require wearing masks even when outdoors in the seating bowl unless you are eating or drinking. If their rules are relaxed, ours will be, too. Please check back closer to the start of the season for any updates.


Q. May I wear a face shield in place of a mask?

A. We require that all guests and fans wear masks per the state guidelines. You may certainly wear a face shield in addition to a mask. 


Q. Will I be able to sit socially-distanced from people outside my group?

A. Yes! We are creating patterns in our seating bowl that allow social distancing from other fans who are not in your group. In our hospitality areas, we are reducing capacity so you can spread out if you are at a game as part of a group.


Q. Will there be general admission seating this year?

A. In order to ensure social distancing, fans will be required to sit in the seat indicated on their tickets. 


Q. What if I am vaccinated – do the mask and distancing rules apply to me?

A. We are following CDC and state regulations, so right now, yes. Things are changing and may be different by Opening Day – we suggest checking back in May.


Q. Since you are an outdoor venue, we can still attend if we have a runny nose or something, right?

A. In the interest of keeping each other safe, we ask that fans showing any symptoms please stay home until the symptoms have passed. 


Q. Will parking procedures be affected by COVID safety precautions?

A. We ask that all fans help ensure the health and safety of their neighbors by wearing masks and praciting social, but otherwise parking procedures will be the same as in years past. 


Q. What else will you do to keep people safe?

A. Many of the same things you see in other public places – distancing in lines, extra cleaning, some modifications in food service, and other similar measures. We have also introduced contact-less ticket transactions and self-serve kiosks at the concession stands. Hand sanitizing stations have been installed throughout the concourse. 


Q. Will you still have fireworks?

A. Yes – we will still have some fireworks shows this year, but perhaps not as many as in the past. COVID limits on attendance are forcing us to modify some aspects of what we do, but we still will create that great Revolution family fun atmosphere you are used to. We will announce the full promotional schedule of activities and special events soon – keep your eyes open!