YCVO 50/50

York County Veterans Outreach 50/50 Results

Need not be present to win.  Winning ticket holders have 30 days from the date of the drawing to claim their prize.  All winners will receive a check, no cash, from the York Revolution within 4-6 weeks.  To claim a prize, visit the Shipley Energy Ticket Office at 5 Brooks Robinson Way, York, PA 17401, with your winning ticket within 30 days of the drawing.

Raffle proceeds benefit York County Veterans Outreach, Supporting York County Veterans and Their Families

April.20th, Winning Number: A-1297784, Total Prize: $67.13, Claimed

April.25th, Winning Number: A-1396167, Total Prize:  $666.89, Claimed

April.26th, Winning Number: A-1261433, Total Prize:  $265, Unclaimed

April.27th, Winning Number: A-2655813, Total Prize:  $193, Claimed

April.28th, Winning Number: A-1942738, Total Prize: $241, Claimed

May.10th, Winning Number: A-1388643, Total Prize: $313, Claimed

May.11th, Winning Number: A-1710974, Total Prize: $127, Claimed

May.12th, Winning Number: A-2550347, Total Prize: $160, Unclaimed

May.14th, Winning Number: A-1221043, Total Prize: $324, Unclaimed

May.15th, Winning Number: A-2562592, Total Prize: $60, Claimed

May.16th, Winning Number: A-2127782, Total Prize: $96, Unclaimed