Ritmo de York


Rhythm – n. a strong, regular, repeated pattern of movement or sound. 


¡Esta temporada, el equipo de York se convierte en SU equipo! ¡Únase a nosotros para juegos especiales cuando celebremos la cultura latina de nuestra ciudad como el Ritmo de York! (This season, York’s team becomes YOUR team! Join us for special games when we celebrate our town’s Latin culture as Ritmo de York!)

Rhythm is one of the most significant aspects of Latin music and culture. Similarly, Latin culture has a strong presence in the York Community. “Ritmo de York” = Rhythm of York. Whether it’s Dominican, Puerto Rican, Mexican, or part of another Latin community, the percussion-heavy music and unique rhythms are a vital part of celebrations and family gatherings. This is why the York Revolution are to represent the city’s culture HERE at WellSpan Park in 2024, assuming a second identity, Ritmo de York.

Ritmo games will include music, decorations, food and beverages, merchandise, public address announcements and videos, and pre- and in-game entertainment reflective of York’s diverse Latin culture. Sponsored by Bilingual Conexion, York’s premier resource for Spanish cultural sensitivity and linguistic accuracy, Ritmo de York will take the field at WellSpan Park for six games in 2024: May 28-30 and August 9-11.


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